Uniting Marketing Cloud with Nifty to create smart emails.

Smart emails for smart meters.

Like all energy suppliers, ENGIE updates their customers each month about their energy usage. However, ENGIE decided to move away from the standard e-mail with a report as attachment, instead choosing to provide customers with a more engaging and personalised experience.

The leading energy supplier came to us with the request to help them transform their standard email into a beautiful email that fully engages the customer with relevant content. Not only would this email be more appealing to the customer, but it would also provide an important contact moment which would function to strengthen the relationship with the customer while remaining under ENGIE’s own management.

Find out how we helped ENGIE ensure that their customers are getting the most out of their emails by making them smart, dynamic and engaging using Marketing Cloud.

Engaging with dynamic and relevant content.

We designed and developed the email in Email Studio and employed Journey Builder so that ENGIE customers are always sure to receive the emails at the right moment in their customer journey.

Relevant content and tips

The main purpose of the email is to show the monthly energy report of each customer. Essentially, this monthly energy report is a summary of the customer’s consumption in the past month, including a comparison with the two previous months and the same months in previous years, if available.

To show the report in an engaging manner, we opted for the customer’s energy consumption to be highlighted in one, two or three graphs. Through a combination of Marketing Cloud AMPscript and Nifty Images – a tool that allows content to be personalised using real-time data – we ensured that the content in the graphs is always relevant to the individual customer receiving the email.

In addition, the email contains information about sustainability and tips to save energy. As the mail is sent monthly, the tips also vary monthly. This means that, not only is the personal information and consumption information dynamic, the campaign content is dynamic too.

Over 90% positive feedback

The result? Customers have been so satisfied with the email that ENGIE’s NPS has seen a tremendous increase. Over 90% of the feedback received on the emails with the report is positive. This is further confirmed by the fact that customers hardly click through to the full report, because all relevant information can already be found in the email.

At a later stage we want to further optimise the email with the monthly energy report by integrating business objectives and personalising the campaign content even further. This way the experience will be made increasingly relevant for ENGIE customers.

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