The launch of a completely ‘digital’ car brand.

Cupra Born

100% electric, 100% online.

What do you need if you have a car brand that is fully ‘digital’ and your aim is to generate leads, drive interest and draw in customers? A next-level, data-driven and personalised journey, empowered by the right digital tools. Enter Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

CUPRA recently launched its new car model the CUPRA Born. The CUPRA Born is a 100% electric car, available in five different colours and four designs and only available for purchase online.

We helped Pon Automotive, representative of car brands such as Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, with their Marketing Cloud implementation for CUPRA Born, delivering an interconnected and engaging journey from start to finish. Here’s how.

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Driving optimal outcomes with personalised journeys.

We set up a campaign with the aim to provide customers with an engaging, personalised journey from start to finish.

What does the campaign look like?

Let us walk you through it.

First on the agenda: Generating consumer interest.

Putting a new and fully digital car brand on the map may sound difficult, but with the use of targeted emails the task is accomplished. Potential customers are urged to sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news on the CUPRA Born, new editions, pictures and more. We created a Cloud Page specially for the newsletter.

Bought your own CUPRA Born?

The customer has moved on to the second phase of the journey: the so-called ‘Honeymoon’ phase. Time to welcome the future CUPRA Born drivers! After purchasing the car online, the customer receives a personalised email with the order confirmation, an introduction of the car and its capabilities, and more car-related information.

At this point it’s important to keep sparking interest. The new car owners continue to receive personalised multichannel 1-on-1 communication via email, sms, and the Cloud Page, with the goal to keep growing the customer’s enthusiasm until the pick-up date. High-quality content and images, information on how your car is being made, interesting facts, how-to videos, you name it. They also receive practical information about the event, which takes place when they go to pick up their car.

Your CUPRA Born is ready for pick-up!

When Salesforce notifies fulfilment that the car has arrived at Pon, an automatic email is sent to the customer, notifying them that their CUPRA Born has arrived at the pick-up location and that they can now make an appointment. Clicking on the email leads to the personalised Cloud Page we have created which addresses the customer personally and showcases their chosen CUPRA Born, together with the various available appointment time slots.

Soon after receiving the email, an automatic SMS is also sent to the customer which notifies that an appointment can be made via the email. Should a customer not react to the email in a timely manner, or if they make it known that they cannot pick up the car at any the time slots available, the callcenter (an external party in this case), can see within Salesforce that they need to give them a call. Remember, all of this is done from the comfort of one single interface, Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud feeds all the data to Salesforce and the client.

At the pick-up location, the customer goes through the event which promises to be an unforgettable experience. Three days later, they receive an after movie to commemorate the experience.

Happy new car owner.

Finally, the happy CUPRA Born customer has the car in their possession. Enter the start of the 100 day campaign (the first 100 days in your new car). During this phase we send out a series of personalised emails that aim to make the customer feel even more welcomed. The customer is further informed about the car and all its capabilities and receives tips, fun facts, ‘secrets’ and more. They are also asked to leave a review of the car.

All in all, a memorable journey for the client, their customers and us!

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