Email Studio.

Reach customers with the best email marketing platform in the world.

The no.1 platform for delivering smart and personalised messages.

Customers’ inboxes are constantly and consistently being saturated with emails. With Email Studio you can stand out from the crowd by creating and sharing relevant emails that speak to your customers’ needs and wishes.

From basic to complex email marketing campaigns – whatever your goal is, make sure the result is successful time and time again. Targeting the right audience, improving conversion rates, building long-lasting relationships and more is made possible with Email Studio.

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What can you do with Email Studio?

  • Be relevant. Detect the right audience and communicate the right (relevant) content.
  • Create engaging emails. Craft optimised emails that personally inspire and motivate the customer to take action, wherever they may be in their journey. Get creative with customisable templates.
  • Use data effectively. Enhance personalisation based on data and show dynamic and interactive content that is tailored to each individual user.
  • Optimise using A/B testing. Continually test different variables over time to optimise your email campaigns and deliver more targeted and relevant messages to your subscribers.
  • Scale campaigns. Test messages, automate delivery schedules and optimise your communications as customers go along the journey. Build long-lasting relationships through 1-on-1 communication.



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Unlock new opportunities with Marketing Cloud.

Draw in customers, drive profitability and boost customer loyalty.

With Marketing Cloud you can get to know your customers, offer personalised and engaging experiences and continuously optimise your marketing strategy.

Whether you’re just starting out with Marketing Cloud or want to use more Marketing Cloud products, we are here to help you reach your objectives.

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All our services in a row.

Marketing Cloud Implementations

Start packages, training modules and pre-packaged customer journeys to help you start quickly or take the next step.

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Marketing Cloud Support

Support services such as our dedicated helpdesk, continuous support by experts and online manuals.

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Marketing Cloud Training

Hands-on training sessions in Marketing Cloud for you and your team, whether you’re just starting out or want to know more about a certain topic.

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Marketing Cloud Consultants

Certified specialists to help with your Marketing Cloud projects or campaigns, online and on location.

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Why work with Growing Minds?

We are specialised and experienced in what we do. 

Our Online Campaigners are specialised and certified in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and are always up to date when it comes to the newest developments within the field of marketing automation. 

We focus on collaboration.

We like to think that we don’t work for our clients, but with our clients. This means that we think, plan, build and optimise together and keep you involved at every step of the way.

We remain available and accessible. 

We are always available to offer our direct support with whatever our clients may need. And, we also work on location!

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