Kinderfonds MAMAS.

World’s first implementation of the Marketing Cloud for nonprofits (MCNGO).

World’s first implementation of the Marketing Cloud for nonprofits (MCNGO).

Not too long ago, Salesforce came up with a new solution for nonprofit organisations, a Marketing Cloud especially designed to meet the needs of nonprofits.

Due to our long-standing experience with fundraising and using Marketing Cloud, Kinderfonds MAMAS chose us as their partner to work with to drive a stronger digital engagement for supporters of their cause and strengthen donor relationships. At the same time, this would be the first time ever that MCNGO would be implemented!

Kinderfonds MAMAS is a nonprofit focused on providing support to the MAMAS of South-Africa, women who work daily on creating better living conditions for children living in poverty.

Find out how we implemented the new Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools and how we helped Kinderfonds MAMAS get closer to their goal through the use of data-driven marketing.

Designing more personalised experiences for nonprofit supporters.

Keeping up with the digital transformation that is needed to survive and ensuring donor loyalty is not always an easy task for nonprofits.

With tools like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for nonprofits, new opportunities are unlocked for organisations to step up their marketing and create engaging and personalised experiences for their supporters and donors.

Following a period of using the same tools, Kinderfonds MAMAS wanted to start using marketing automation tools and employ the right CRM platform. After investigating their options and talking with us about the possibilities provided by data-driven marketing, they landed on Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We started by setting up their Marketing Cloud and connecting it to Salesforce CRM. Subsequently, we created creative end engaging email templates for newsletters and single issue emails. The goal was to show donors that they are seen, appreciated and valued by Kinderfonds MAMAS. In order to do this, it was key to provide relevant information to the donors, at the right time, through the right channels.

We also worked on setting up personalised webforms relating to signing up and donating. Last but certainly not least, we shared our knowledge on Marketing Cloud with Kinderfonds MAMAS through a training session we organised. We are firm believers that knowledge should be shared and cultivated. Leaving Kinderfonds MAMAS with the right knowledge would ensure that the nonprofit could leverage the platform and the tools to their fullest potential.

Meaningful results.

The result of this effective data-driven customer journey is a stronger bond and connection between the supporters and the MAMAs, with value created for Kinderfonds MAMAS donors as well as the MAMAS in South-Africa.

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