Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency Revealing the new and improved Growing Minds identity

Revealing the new and improved Growing Minds identity.

Same name. Same values. New identity.

Growing Minds

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Introducing: the new Growing Minds.

The past 10 years have been an amazing journey, one which has seen us transform from a small marketing agency into a full-service Marketing Cloud agency. 

Today we are proud to be able to say that we have helped over 50 commercial and nonprofit organisations foster meaningful relationships and harness the power of personalised, creative and data-driven marketing. Our employee pool has grown to include 45 talented and creative minds.

Considering our significant growth we deemed it time to reshape our identity to reflect who we are today. Curious to find out what has changed? Keep reading!

A modernised logo.

Our old logo consisted of a hexagon, a shape implying growth. We wanted to keep its essence but decided to give it a modern twist resulting in our new logo: a hexagon split into two halves representing the two sides of the brain, the mind. Importantly, the new logo communicates values we find important such as progress, play and, of course: growth. 

A fresh style.

Our visual identity has also been revamped. Our new primary colour is a darker blue and our typeface, overall colour scheme and imagery have also seen modern changes. 

A brand new website.

Perhaps even the biggest and most exciting change of all is our brand new website. 

The website, which can be viewed in three different languages (en, nl, es), reflects our work and culture and is a way to show who we are. It clearly demonstrates our expertise in Marketing Cloud and our experience in helping organisations take their marketing to the next level.

Additionally, you can now find useful resources on our website such as:

  • Our blog containing insights regarding (digital) marketing, data and technology and Growing Minds developments.
  • Our cases, showcasing how we have helped some of our clients in the past.
  • Training opportunities aimed at helping you grow using Marketing Cloud.
  • The latest information on the Marketing Cloud release notes.

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Growing Minds website

An international expansion.

Having reached a milestone, we decided it was also time to take the next step in our international expansion. That is why, in addition to our existing office in Amsterdam, we have now opened offices in Barcelona and London. This will allow us to help more organisations maximise their digital marketing impact with Marketing Cloud.

Why these changes?

The new changes to our brand aim to help our clients and partners – current and new – get the most out of Marketing Cloud and easily take the next step in their journey. With our enhanced communications we strive to keep adding value to organisations and foster meaningful relationships.

All in all, we hope that our new identity reflects what we are: open, involved, dependable and honest.

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About Growing Minds

Thank you!

We want to extend a huge thank you to our clients and partners for their continued support and trust in us, and of course our fantastic team at Growing Minds.

We look forward to the next 10 years! 

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