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Work that gives you energy.

“My primary reason for choosing to work at Growing Minds was that I would be doing the work that gives me the most energy while helping a variety of organisations”.

Tim started working at Growing Minds on October of last year. Before this time had been working at a Dutch political party for over twelve years, of which the last few as a CRM marketeer. This was where he first came into contact with Growing Minds. Throughout the years he would meet with the Growing Minds team to collaborate on various campaigns.

“I got to know Growing Minds during my previous job and ever since the first meeting I thought: If I ever want to take a new step, this seems like a very cool place. And to be honest, it’s even better than I imagined. From day one I’ve felt at home, the atmosphere is very good and I’m really enjoying myself.”

At his job as a Marketing Cloud Consultant, Tim gets a lot of energy from thinking about and developing ways to increase people’s engagement to an organisation via online channels. Essentially, it’s about getting them engaged and keeping them engaged. “This touches upon psychology, a subject that has always fascinated me in a certain way.”

Small village, big wanderlust.

Tim is 36 years old and has a degree in Public Administration from the Erasmus University. He grew up in a very small village between Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland where he still lives to this day with his wife and three kids. He spends a lot of quality time with the kids, from going to the zoo and the beach, to playing football outside.

The rest of his free time he spends playing korfball with friends or taking road trips on his race bike. Cycling in the mountains is also a special joy of his; two years ago, he went to Alpe d’Huez with a couple of friends to climb several peaks around the Alpes.

Before he and his wife had kids, they were crazy about travelling. “I have been to Peru, but visiting Indonesia and Australia have also definitely been highlights of my travels. Now that we have children we tend to travel closer to home.” But that hasn’t curbed his appetite for exploring and experiencing other countries. When asked about his plans for the future, Tim responds that he would love to work abroad for a period of time. “I have two places that I dream of going to in the future (if all conditions are right): Curacao and Sydney.”

Tim Plieger

Get to know Tim.

Best place on earth? Besides home: Curacao and Sydney
Favorite TV show? Friends.
Guilty pleasure? Watching Temptation Island.
Personal milestone: It may sound like a cliche, but becoming a father for the first time.
Quote to live by: Van het concert des levens krijgt niemand een program”. Roughly translated: “In the concert of life, no one gets a programme”. This Dutch proverb used to hang in my grandparents’ house, and I still think about it regularly. Especially now with children, time seems to fly by, and it is good to occasionally reflect on all the blessings and enjoy the beautiful things that are here in the moment.

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