Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency Winter ‘24 Marketing Cloud Release Notes Unveiled

Winter ‘24 Marketing Cloud Release Notes Unveiled.

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Marketing Cloud release notes

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Journey Builder

Approve Multiple Sends & Enhanced Journey Management
Journey Builder now makes it easier to manage your marketing campaigns. Instead of reviewing each send individually, you can now approve multiple sends at once. This not only saves time but also adds granularity to the review process. Additionally, Managing journeys is now more intuitive. From the Journey dashboard, you can select and stop up to 10 journeys simultaneously, whether it’s the current version or all versions. This simplifies journey management and ensures better control. Of course, you can still stop journeys and versions from the canvas or the version dashboard.

Optimize Your Journeys
Journey Builder now offers configuration recommendations as part of its journey validation functionality. These recommendations cover a wide range of configurations, including first activity configuration and the presence of messaging activities in both draft and running journeys. Importantly, these warnings are informative and do not impede your journey activation.

Enter Multiple Contacts at One Time into Journeys
Now, you can trigger real-time journey entry at scale by entering up to 100 contacts per API request. This eliminates the need for individual API requests for each contact, saving time and effort. Additionally, the REST API offers consistent performance at a higher scale than the existing Event API entry method.


Automation Studio

Admin Role Includes Full Automation Studio Permissions
The default Marketing Cloud Admin role now includes full permissions for Automation Studio, ensuring that the administrative role is equipped to handle all Automation Studio functions.

File Transfer REST API in Automation Studio
The release introduces the File Transfer Activity API, providing documentation on how to create, retrieve, update, and delete file transfer activities asynchronously within Automation Studio.


Data Extension

Download Data Extension Storage Reports for Business Units
Enhanced Data Management
Account administrators can now download data extension storage reports for business units and parent business units. These reports offer insights into data deletion, improving data analytics and management.

Review New Data Retention Improvement in Contact Builder
Contact Builder now provides two new columns to enhance your data management. It shows which data extensions have data retention and the date data extensions were deleted. Additionally, the maximum row limit for retention in a data extension has been increased to 500 million.

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