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Marketing Cloud Personalisation.

Personalised marketing in real time.

The automation solution for 1-on-1 engagement.

A streamlined and personalised experience every time someone lands on your website, receives your email or interacts with you? With Marketing Cloud Personalisation (previously known as Interaction Studio) you can provide each lead or customer with relevant experiences in real time.

Using the insights gathered on the (potential) customer with each interaction, every subsequent interaction with your brand is optimised using AI to speak to their needs according to where they are in the journey. The result is highly relevant content at each touchpoint and on every channel, ensuring the continuous strengthening of your customer relationships and improved loyalty.

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What can you do with Marketing Cloud Personalisation?

  • Gain customer insights. Understand your (potential) customers’ needs and wishes and act on them effectively. Follow them along their journey and be sure of their next steps.

  • Optimise campaigns. Improve every campaign while it’s running, recommend relevant products and content and guide them to the next action through powerful AI.

  • Streamline messaging. Ensure all communications with the customer are aligned at every moment, wherever the customer may be. Provide consistent, relevant and personalised messaging on both online and offline channels.

  • Analyse. Segment audiences, test and optimise experiences, track goals and use your data to the max.



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Draw in customers, drive profitability and boost customer loyalty.

With Marketing Cloud you can get to know your customers, offer personalised and engaging experiences and continuously optimise your marketing strategy.

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