Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform.

Make smarter decisions with real-time data.

The solution for personalising your marketing moments.

Customers expect companies to have a good understanding of their preferences; they want personalised experiences and anticipate fast service.

Customer Data Platform is a technology that makes it possible to provide this by allowing you to gain a unified and real understanding of each customer. Insights are combined with existing datasets into one central source of your customer information, which all departments can use to make the most optimal decisions.

As a marketer, this eliminates the need to worry about data integrity and control, and allows you to understand, manage and activate even the most valuable marketing assets.

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What can you do with Customer Data Platform?

  • Collect and unify data from anywhere, gaining a complete picture of each customer.

  • Ensure engagement is personalised and cost-efficient across all channels such as email, mobile, advertising, and the web.

  • Understand your customers through real-time data and insights, allowing you to make better decisions faster.

  • Make use of an open ecosystem. Extend your data by utilising trusted partnerships that make it easier to understand customers, personalise at scale and advance automation.



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Using Marketing Cloud you can get to know your customers, offer personalised and engaging experiences and continuously optimise your marketing.

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