Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency MC Spring ’22 Release notes

Marketing Cloud Spring ’22 Release Notes.

Discover the newest updates allowing for a higher level of real-time customer engagement.

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Marketing Cloud Spring '22 release notes

Our summary of the most important updates.

Update 1: Email Reporting is expanding.

New fields are now included in Datorama (Measurements and Dimensions). This creates new types of breakdowns with the expanded list of email dimensions and measurements. Users with a Datorama Reports Advanced licence can utilise the new measurements and dimensions when customising dashboards and when creating calculated measurements and dimensions.

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Update 2: Easier tag usage and maximised engagement.

Nested Tagging for Einstein Content Tagging

Nested tagging provides a clearer distinction between Einstein-applied tags and self-managed tags. This enables users to find, edit or delete tags more easily. This system of tagging is used in the Content Builder and Einstein Content Selection. 

Einstein Send Time Optimization with Automation Studio 

It is now possible to use Einstein Send Time Optimization from Automation Studio (not just in journeys). This new feature sends the emails to your contacts at the best predicted time for each individual, maximising engagement.

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Update 3: Mobile enhancements allow for real-time engagement.

Orchestrate Journeys Based on User Behaviour with Mobile App Event Entry and Exit

You can now easily retarget a contact when they open a push notification or engage with an in-app message. The Push Message Engagement and In-App Message Engagement Entry Sources listen for engagement from the selected messages and enter contacts into a journey. This feature allows you to easily retarget contacts based on their engagement with up to 10 different messages. 

Engage Customers in Real Time with the Wait Until Activity for In-App Messages

The Wait Until In-App Message Engagement activity listens for engagement from a corresponding in-app message activity. Contacts can be kept in a wait step in the journey until the specified engagement with the message occurs. If engagement doesn’t occur within the predefined time frame, you can send the contact down an alternate path.

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Update 4: More MFA methods available.

In addition to the previously available methods for completing the MFA process, you now also have the option to authenticate yourself through the new built-in biometric solutions (e.g. touch ID and face ID). This can be especially useful if, for example, you work with multiple Business Units and you want to log in quickly.


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