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The creation of a Virtual Digital Academy.

It’s business as usual, but online.

Since the start of the pandemic, organisations have had to come up with workarounds for the predicament they find themselves in: being unable to meet and work in person. The solution for most was to start finding ways to conduct their operations online, and Growing Minds was no exception.

In the pre-pandemic era, we had helped United Bible Societies enrich their Marketing Cloud skills and knowledge with a series of hands-on training sessions on Marketing Cloud. The training sessions were given in person and across the organisation’s many locations around the world. When we were asked to deliver such sessions once more recently, we did so virtually by creating a Virtual Digital Academy.

Read how we created a Virtual Academy for United Bible Societies so they could effectively continue to use Marketing Cloud and reach its full potential.

The Virtual Digital Academy.

In order to be able to give training sessions which usually are hands-on and in person, we had to get creative.

We recorded all courses using a green screen, which the United Bible Societies then uploaded to a learning management system. In this system, participants could join the various courses.

The courses – a mix of both practice and theory – were recorded in English and in Spanish, and aimed to provide employees of the United Bible Societies with the knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully in Marketing Cloud. To achieve this goal, we created courses for beginners who were just starting out with learning how to work in Marketing Cloud as well as intermediate to advanced courses for those whose knowledge was more advanced.

Topics included how to make a welcome journey, how to create and send emails in Marketing Cloud and how to manage data. Participants learned to work with a number of Marketing Cloud tools, such as Email Studio, Content Builder, Journey Builder and Analytics Builder. 

Successful results.

The result? A highly successful Virtual Digital Academy! Even more employees of the United Bible Societies can now work independently in Marketing Cloud, getting the organisation a step closer to its digital transformation.

We offer training sessions on a number of topics as well as the opportunity to receive customised training sessions. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us.

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