Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency Four useful tips for getting back to basics with Marketing Cloud

Four useful tips for getting “back to basics” with Marketing Cloud.

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Are you making the most of all (free) resources that come with using Marketing Cloud and Growing Minds’ services?

With September just around the corner, we gathered some tips that, though seemingly straightforward, are often overlooked and can easily prove to be very useful. Here are four tips to help you get “back to basics” with Marketing Cloud.

Four tips for getting “back to basics” with Marketing Cloud.

1) Always stay up to date with Marketing Cloud updates.

Salesforce releases new Marketing Cloud features every quarter. Make sure to keep up with the newest updates to the products so you can keep making optimal use of Marketing Cloud. You can read all about the latest Marketing Cloud update here (did you know we have a newsletter about the Marketing Cloud release notes? Sign up to be notified each time there’s a new release).

2) Keep trailblazing.

Have you completed any Trailheads by Salesforce lately?

Trailheads are a good way to increase your knowledge on Marketing Cloud and keep up to speed with new features. What’s more, you can earn credentials and help accelerate your organisation’s digital transformation.

Never tried it before? Create an account and start learning!

3) Need help? Don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Working with us means you get access to our Zendesk. Our Zendesk contains useful how-to articles as well as articles related to your specific setup. Have more questions or did you run into a problem? The Growing Minds team is here to help; simply submit all your requests through Helpdesk and we’ll help you find the solution.

4) Connect with the community.

Don’t forget there’s a whole community of Marketing Cloud experts ready to help – from Growing Minds Marketing Cloud specialists and consultants to the Trailblazer community groups. The Trailblazer community groups are a great way to exchange knowledge, receive guidance and build your network.

Have any questions?

Let us know! Whether you’re wondering about a (new) Marketing Cloud feature or want to know more about the capabilities of Marketing Cloud, our Marketing Cloud experts are ready to help.


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