Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency Winter ‘23 Marketing Cloud release notes

The Winter ‘23 Marketing Cloud release notes.

These are the highlights.

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MC Release notes Winter 23

1. New Features for Einstein.

1.1 Content Selection (Content Testing).

With Einstein Content Testing you can leverage AI to make testing easier and more automated, leading to better results more quickly. Set up automated or manual tests and easily include them in email templates. Test with up to 32 images at once, allowing Einstein to learn and select content as subscribers open and engage with your email and view real-time analytics about asset selection and engagement rate.

1.2 Confidence of Einstein Copy Insights and Subject Line Tester.

 If you don’t have enough data yet, but Einstein Copy Insights shows that it’s collecting data, the parameters needed to complete the collection now appear on the landing page. Also, you can now determine whether your tested subject lines are reliable or not through the model confidence score produced by Salesforce’s AI models.

1.3 Model Card for Einstein Probabilistic Opens.

Considering the unreliability of conventional open records due to Apple’s privacy updates, the Marketing Cloud Probabilistic Opens model card is a pretty useful feature. Probabilistic opens produce a score based on the likelihood that an open is real; this score provides better data for the models that use email engagement metrics to produce predictions. 

1.4 Einstein Engagement Frequency in Automated Sends.

You can now maximise engagement by making sure to send the correct number of emails to your contacts. In Automation Studio, use Einstein Engagement Frequency for your bulk and batch sends in a Send Email Activity. You select the saturation levels, and Einstein does the rest.

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2. Marketing Cloud Engagement: Digital Command Center for Slack.

Exciting news for Slack lovers: the new Slack app, Digital Command Center! You can think of it as a monitoring tool for a broad range of Marketing Cloud activity, directly in Slack. Receive critical alerts for activities within Marketing Cloud and identify issues before they negatively impact your campaign.

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Digital Command Center for Slack Marketing Cloud

3. Marketing Cloud Intelligence: Intelligence Connector for Sprout.

You may have heard it already; Salesforce Social Studio is being retired (from 28 November 2024) and replaced by a brand new social media management platform, Sprout Social. Use the social data (paid and organic) collected with Sprout Social and combine it with any marketing data to gain insights for spend and revenue optimisation. Analyse performance with cross-channel, interactive dashboards and reports and uncover omnichannel insights, all in one platform. 

Note: Marketing Cloud Intelligence was formerly known as Datorama.

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4. Replacement of live weather content.

The Live Weather block has been removed from all accounts as of September 2022 and replaced with a more robust feature in Einstein Content Selection that targets assets based on local weather conditions.

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New features for emails.

5.1. Content Builder Templates Include Screen Reader Support.

Content Builder templates now better accommodate users who use a screen reader to read emails in their inbox, improving accessibility.

5.2. Use the Image Carousel Block for Interactive Emails.

Make emails even more interactive by using the Image Carousel Block to create an interactive image gallery directly in an email with no additional coding. The carousel supports up to 10 images, is fully accessible, and works in as many email clients as possible.

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