Salesforce Marketing Cloud Agency Spring ’24 Marketing Cloud & Data Cloud release notes

The Salesforce Spring 2024 Marketing Cloud & Data Cloud release notes.

An extensive overview of the latest features and enhancements

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With Salesforce’s Spring 2024 release for Marketing Cloud and Data Cloud, marketers have a range of new tools and capabilities at their fingertips. Let’s delve into the highlights of these updates and explore how they can contribute to our business to connect with yours in more meaningful ways.

Marketing Cloud Release Notes:

The latest Marketing Cloud release brings a number of enhancements across various studios, each designed to streamline workflows and drive better outcomes.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio receives a boost with improved file handling and expanded API support. You can now configure how blank files are handled, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, new REST API endpoints provide greater flexibility in automated tasks.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder introduces several updates aimed at improving user experience and performance. From a dashboard offering more insights and control to canvas improvements for optimizing journey performance, you can now craft journeys with greater precision and efficiency.

Intelligence Reports

Formerly known as Datorama Reports, Intelligence Reports now offers enhanced reporting for Mobile Studio and WhatsApp. With new out-of-the-box WhatsApp dashboards and expanded reporting fields, you gain deeper insights into customer engagement across channels.

Data Cloud Release Notes:

The Data Cloud release focuses on utilizing the power of AI to drive actionable insights and seamless integrations across platforms.


Salesforce introduces Einstein Studio, enabling to build predictive AI models with ease. This empowers the ability to leverage advanced analytics without the need for extensive coding knowledge.


Enhanced connectors for Google Cloud, Amazon S3, and Snowflake facilitate seamless data transfers between platforms. Whether it’s storage or analytics, you can now bridge data silos effortlessly, unlocking new possibilities for data-driven decision-making.

Advertising Audiences

With the ability to create audiences for platforms like Google DV360, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, you can customize advertising strategies with precision. These new capabilities empower you to reach target audiences across diverse digital channels.

Cross Cloud Updates

Cross Cloud updates focus on enhancing existing features and improving data synchronization. With more control over data visibility and streamlined workflows, you can make use of data more effectively across different clouds.

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